Here at Cloud 9, we appreciate and value every single one of our kind and supportive customers. Today, we are featuring one of our first clients, Patti Hemlich. She has been a customer at Cloud 9 since we first opened back in 2014! Patti is a native Texan and has been a Houston resident for the past 24 years. She is a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, and License Massage Therapist. She is the founder and owner of “Houston Pregnancy Massage & Doula Care,” where she provides physical and emotional support for women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

“Cloud 9 is sooo relaxing. The atmosphere is calming, quiet and always very clean.”

Patti is passionate and dedicated to her work. Due to her being on call most days, as babies come at all hours of the day. She does not have much time for her self. But when she does, she enjoys a good movie and self care time with relaxation and massage. We are so happy to hear that Cloud 9 has become her go to place to relax and tend to her body’s needs. Patti says she would not be able to do her job if it were not for her weekly massages. She has now been receiving massages for over 25 years, and says it has improved her issues with scoliosis.

“My favorite is the full body massage, as it affords more time to concentrate on the areas of my body that are hurting. But I also love the foot massage for relaxation and stress relief.”

Patti being such a long time customer, she has had the opportunity to try many of our great therapists. She says her favorites include: Kevin, Wayne, Amy, Wendy, Helen, and Coco. Patti always books a 2 hour massage, doing a 1 hour foot massage, followed by a 1 hour body massage. She says her body always feels brand new afterwards!

Patti’s favorite is Kevin. She loves to get her body massages with him since his pressure is “just right.” She also mentioned that Wayne is awesome at reflexology and has helped her in the past with a sprained ankle.

“I recommend Cloud 9 frequently to my own clients, family members, and friends. They always thank me! We love Cloud 9!”

Patti is an extremely generous and kind person. She continuously brings her friends and family to enjoy a relaxation session with her at Cloud 9. From everyone here at Cloud 9, we want to thank Patti for her continuous kind support and patronage and wish her the best of luck in helping women during such a beautiful time in their lives.

By: Scarlett

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