Many view massageas a luxury for special occasions or as an emergency remedy for when their muscles gettoo tense to live with. However, massage can and should be an affordable tool used regularly to help you live a healthier lifestyle. Massage can help you practice self care, destress, improve your mood, and your overall body’s circulation, posture, and muscle health. 

Daily or chronic stress is something we all can relate to. Massage can simply make you feel good and help relieve daily stress. However, if your stress is more severe, massage can help decrease the negative effects of Chronic stress such as: depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. Massage also increases the endorphins that stop the transmission of pain signals, and can reduce the sensitivity to pain. 

Swedish massage can help improve circulation. The light to firm pressure used with long stroking motionsenables the blood to move throughout congested areas. Having good circulation is important to distribute oxygen and nutrients throughout your body.

Massage also has the ability to help improve posture and aid in muscle recovery during workouts. Many of us struggle with bad posture due to the nature of our professions. Massage can loosen the tension within the muscle tissues and lead to increased mobility in the joints. With better posture and mobility, you will also be able to better perform during your workouts. 

For regular up keep, we recommend receiving a massage at least once every 2 weeks to maintain your body. Getting a massage is like working out. If you go too long in between sessions you will lose your progress. If you’re trying to work out chronic issues, you should consider getting a massage twice a week until it is resolved. Then schedule a massage every 1-3 weeksas needed. 

Everyone deserves to receive the benefits a regularly scheduled massage can offer. We’re proud to be able to make massage more accessible to everyone by offering a luxurious experience at an affordable price. Don’t save that much needed massage forjust onespecialday of the year, because it is so much more than just a massage. You deserve to feel relaxed and pampered more often than that!