Wow, thank you!  We took the position of Winner for Massage in the Coastside in the Half Moon Bay Review survey.  There were over 1000 people voted!  We are so happy that our hard working therapists received this great recognition.  We feel your love and support, and most importantly, we are humbled and touched by the respect that our customers gave to our therapists. 

Thank you all for your vote and support.  We will do even better by proving the real relaxing place for our community and coastside visitors.

Sharing with you a Yelp Review from July 2014:

I just got returned home from my first massage at Cloud 9.  I moved to Half Moon Bay in December and had heard mixed reviews on Cloud 9.  I had only ever had one massage in my life, but lately have been feeling like I could use another.  I decided to give Cloud 9 a chance.  Luckily their website works perfectly, and I was able to set up an account and book an appointment all at once.  I decided to go with a female, as the bad reviews I got were that the men were so rough bruises were left on the client.  I’m not into that.
My massage therapist today was May and she was amazing.  You take your shoes off in a small room before entering the large massage room.  You leave your clothes ON (for foot/body at least) which is a big bonus for me.  I’m scared looking at myself naked; I don’t want to traumatize some other poor soul!  May brought me a cup of tea that had flower petals in it.  That was pretty neat.  The room is a quiet atmosphere, so no talking, ‘k?  May then brought out a tub of hot water and placed my feet in it.  She rolled my jeans up to my knees and instructed me to lie back on this large bed.  She laid a towel over my clothes and proceeded to massage my face, ears, head, shoulders (all with clothes on), arms and hands.  It was heavenly.  I was expecting just the feet, so this was a pleasant surprise.  Next she moved to my calves, ankles and feet and gave each a lot of attention.  Then she covered my calves with another towel and proceeded to massage the front of my body. She turned me over and holy crap this is where the fun began.  She laid a towel over my whole body (clothes still on) and went all deep-tissue on my ass.  Or, my body as the case was.  She is a tiny little gal but don’t catch her outside on a bad day.  I have a feeling she can kick some booty, if need be.  She contorted me all which ways and although there were times I wanted to punch her in the head in the end it was all awesome.  She repeatedly asked if the pressure was too much and since I am a glutton I just said “It’s fine.”  (Which it was!)
I am now an hour out and am starting to feel achy a bit.  But, I read that is to happen for first-timers.  But through the achiness I feel very relaxed and totally intend on going again.
They have an awesome deal where you can get a “gift certificate” for yourself that is $250, BUT you get 10 hour-long foot massages (which is what I received above…all of it) for only $25 each time.  After your tenth time you can renew again and so on and so forth.  That is gonna happen for me.  I am already planning on dragging the boyfriend next weekend, although he says he doesn’t like people touching him.  Methinks he’ll like this.  It was awesome!  (And get May; seriously she was very, very good!)

Melissa T


We greatly appreciate your feedback and kind words.  Look forward to seeing you soon.