Designed for all families and friends

Our signature foot massage was tailored to create a unique space for friends and family to gather together and relax, experience wellness, and quality time. We aim to make massage easy, flexible, and accessible to all. A massage at Cloud 9 is more than a treatment, it’s an opportunity to strengthen bonds and rejuvenate collectively.

Massage shouldn’t be solely enjoyed alone or reserved for special occasions. We believe that massage is a social activity, a communal experience meant to be enjoyed in the company of others.

We embody the principle that prevention is better than a cure. Massage should be part of daily life, helping to manage stress, build healthy habits, and boost your immune system. It’s easy to integrate Massage into your daily life when you aren’t bound by memberships.

Why Cloud 9 is different?

Why Cloud 9 is different?

We want to be your go to place when you are stressed out at work or when you want to just relax with your friends. Our licensed and trained therapists know how to loosen your knots and relieve your stress. Everyone will leave feeling heavenly, happy and recharged!

Our Massages


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, uses deep pressure and slow, intense strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle tissue. This massage is ideal for people who have chronic muscle pain, soreness, or tension. Deep tissue massage can help break up scar tissue, release knots, and relieve pain.


Foot Massage

Reflexology is a powerful complementary medicine therapy that is based upon the principle that there are reflex areas in both the feet and hands that correspond to all the glands, organs, and parts of the body. It is used to relieve a range of stress-related disorders.


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common and widely used form of massage therapy. It involves long, flowing strokes, kneading, and circular movements on the topmost layers of muscles. The aim of Swedish massage is to promote relaxation, reduce tension, increase blood flow, and improve overall wellbeing.

Pricing List


Deep Tissue Massage


30 minutes $45

60 minutes $70

90 minutes $100

120 minutes $130


Swedish Massage


30 minutes $40

60 minutes $60

90 minutes $85

120 minutes $100


Foot Massage


30 minutes $30

60 minutes $45

90 minutes $60


Hot Stone Massage


60 minutes $75

90 minutes $105

* Pricing Note:

Each local store sets its own pricing. This is for general reference only. Please refer to local store page for actual pricing.

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