In the heart of Dallas, where the busy city streets meet a growing need for serenity and self-care, a new chapter unfolds with the opening of the latest Cloud 9 Foot Spa franchise. At the forefront are Julie Li and her daughter Melinda, embodying the spirit of family entrepreneurship and shared dreams. Julie, a seasoned Certified Public Accountant (CPA) turned investor, alongside Melinda, a bright high school student with business aspirations, is set to redefine wellness in Dallas. This dynamic duo isn’t just launching a business; they’re fostering a family legacy centered on health, relaxation, and community connection. Chosen for its family-friendly values and proven business model, Cloud 9 stands out as the perfect platform for Julie to mentor her daughter and for Melinda to lay the groundwork for her future in business. Together, they aspire to make Cloud 9 a cornerstone of wellness in Dallas, inviting the community to embrace a lifestyle where relaxation meets renewal.

From Ledgers to Leisure: Julie’s Corporate Journey to Franchising

After over two decades of navigating the demands of corporate accounting, Julie Li turned her ledger expertise towards a more fulfilling quest. As a seasoned CPA, Julie Li climbed the corporate ladder from a staff accountant to a senior manager and ultimately to the director of accounting at a few large corporations. In this high-level role, she managed the financial strategies of a large global team. Despite her success, Julie yearned for a change from the corporate grind. In 2023, she chose to retire, not to slow down but to realign her professional skills with her personal passions in investment and business.

One of her transitions was driven by a desire to mentor her daughter, Melinda, who has ambitions of carving out her own niche in the business world. Julie saw franchising as the perfect bridge with a proven model that promises security and many learning opportunities. This shift from high-stakes corporate finance to fostering family-centered wellness through Cloud 9 Foot Spa showcases her journey from ledgers to leisure.

Choosing Cloud 9: A Family’s Quest for Simplicity and Trust

Julie and her daughter Melinda did not take the decision to invest in a franchise lightly. With over a hundred potential franchises evaluated, their choice boiled down to a quest for a simple service-based franchise with a profound trust in leadership. Julie’s analytical background as a CPA led her to meticulously dissect each option, prioritizing a business model that promised both ease of operation and growth potential, a criteria that Cloud 9 Foot Spa met with remarkable clarity. 

“I looked at more than a 100 franchises. I’m a CPA, and I’m very good at due diligence. I looked through 100 and narrowed it down to 20. I talked to more than ten franchises, and then I wanted to focus on the service. I don’t want to do product because I think service won’t be replaced by AI in the future.”

– Julie

For Julie and Melinda, what set Cloud 9 apart was its straightforward, replicable business model. Julie and Melinda were drawn to the franchise’s streamlined processes, which they felt confident could be easily learned and implemented. This simplicity was crucial, considering Melinda’s budding business acumen and their collective desire for a manageable yet profitable business. 

“I looked at franchises in the healthcare and homecare, including nail salons, and those types of franchises require lots of labor and time from me, and some of their processes are really complicated. We finally chose Cloud 9 for two reasons: I think the process is very simple and repeatable. I can learn, copy, and paste.”


Moreover, Sean, Cloud 9’s founder’s trustworthiness and hands-on approach solidified their decision. 

“The second reason I chose Cloud 9 is because Sean has been in the business for more than ten years, and I’ve known him for about two years, so I know him well, and he’s also trustworthy. I think Sean has already Identified his customer base and has good branding. He understands his target demographic and knows how to market”.

– Julie

“We had a few meetings with Sean before we signed the contract, and what stood out to me about Sean was the fact that he’s so knowledgeable about every process, the ins and outs of his business. It’s like he’s so hands-on, which I feel like you don’t see a lot when you’re in that leadership position. For every question you ask him, he has a very specific answer for it, and then he has a reason behind making any decision concerning his business”.

– Melinda

Their interactions with Sean, coupled with visits to several Cloud 9 locations, showcased a consistent, calming environment crucial for a spa setting, echoing the brand’s commitment to a peaceful customer experience.

“We also went down to Houston and visited a few Cloud 9 spas. I actually got a massage, and just walking into that atmosphere was very welcoming. We also met Angela, who manages all the Cloud 9’s Texas stores; she’s just so amazing and knowledgeable about everything relating to Cloud 9. And the stores just had a very calming environment, which is very important for massages. Customers come there to relax and take time out of their busy day to get a massage and relax, so just the environment of the Cloud 9 stores, all 3 of them are very up to par. The service, cleanliness, and masseuses were all very consistent in what they offered.”

– Julie

This blend of operational simplicity and dependable leadership made Cloud 9 the undeniable choice for Julie and Melinda, marking the beginning of their family-centric business journey.

All in the Family: Building a Business Together

When Julie and Melinda decided to embark on the Cloud 9 franchise journey, it was never just about them; it was a family affair. The commitment to Cloud 9 became a shared endeavor, with every member of the Hu family playing a role. Not only did Melinda and Julie invest, but other family members also contributed, weaving their collective dreams and resources into the foundation of their new business.

This collaborative approach goes beyond financial investment. As the face of the franchise, Melinda will initially manage the front desk, learning every aspect of the day-to-day operations. At the same time, Julie leverages her corporate experience to guide the strategic direction.

“To start off, I’ll definitely be working the front desk. We want to know the ins and outs of everything and stabilize all the processes. My dad will also be involved a little bit in mostly handy work because he already has work. But it’s mostly my mum and I that will handle all the processes.”

– Melinda

Their commitment is supported by regular family meetings to review progress and plan future steps, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard in decision-making.

“Actually, every single family member invested a little bit in this first store. Her dad and sister invested a little money, and Melinda did as well, so Melinda and I are the (General Partners / Part owners) GPs, and other family members are the (Limited Partnerships) LPs. We make it like this organization so everybody can experience it. When we make a profit or loss, we’ll all share together; that’s the whole purpose of the family business. We also have a signed agreement with all the family members, and we will go back to review it every month at planned family meetings.”

“After a year, if we think we can open a second unit, we will open another LLC involving all family members, and that way, Melinda’s sister can see if they can invest more. We can all discuss it, which makes it very interesting for all of us. The whole point of a franchise is to open multiple units.”

– Julie

Together, they aim to replicate the warm, welcoming atmosphere synonymous with Cloud 9, ensuring their franchise succeeds and becomes a pillar in their community.

Dallas’ Rising Demand: A Market Ripe for Relaxation

Dallas, a rapidly growing city known for its vibrant economy and diverse population, presents an ideal location for Cloud 9 Foot Spas expansion. Recognizing the city’s rapid growth and the increasing influx of health-conscious residents, Julie Li seized the opportunity to introduce a wellness retreat in an area poised for prosperity in self-care industries. The strategic decision to plant Cloud 9 in Dallas was informed by the city’s booming population and a noticeable trend towards prioritizing personal well-being, mirroring national shifts towards healthier lifestyles. Julie observed, 

“Dallas is such a great metro, and we probably have 400-500 people moving into it every day. This area has great prospects as Dallas is booming, so we see a strong need for the retail sectors and feel very confident about that.”

This statement highlights her confidence in the city’s capacity to support not just one but multiple Cloud 9 locations. As Dallas continues to attract young professionals and families, the demand for accessible, high-quality relaxation services shows promising signs of sustained growth, making it a fertile ground for Cloud 9’s family-centric wellness model.

Melinda’s Moment: Youthful Vision and Ambitious Goals

At the heart of the new Cloud 9 franchise in Dallas is Melinda Li, a high school student with an eye on the future and a clear vision for her role in the family business. Balancing her academic responsibilities with her commitments at Cloud 9, Melinda is set to infuse the franchise with youthful enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Her mother, Julie, describes Melinda’s approach as a blend of keen insight and innovative thinking, which is essential for attracting a younger clientele and staying relevant in a competitive market.

“We obviously want Cloud 9 to be successful, but I think we also want to create an environment for both the workers and customers that’s comforting and inviting. Hopefully, customers come here, they can relax, they know that they’re in good hands, and it’s a trustworthy business.”

– Melinda

Melinda is focused on more than just the day-to-day operations at Cloud 9’s Dallas location. She has bigger ambitions and aims to solidify its success while exploring expansion opportunities in the next few years. Her proactive involvement and business acumen complement her mother’s extensive professional background, laying a solid foundation for Cloud 9’s growth and impact on the community.

Looking Ahead: Inspiring a Future of Family-Driven Franchising

The story of Julie and Melinda Li is genuinely inspiring. Their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative drive have led them to establish a successful business in Dallas with Cloud 9 Foot Spa. What’s even more remarkable is that they have achieved this by collaborating as a family. Their story is a testament to the immense potential of family-driven franchising and the power of teamwork.

Does their journey inspire you? Contact us here to take the first step towards owning your own Cloud 9 franchise today. We would love to help make your dream a reality.

Written by Dela Ogbemudia, Edited by Nicole Winn