On July 1, 2024, the Cloud 9 Redmond team celebrated its Grand Opening, following nearly two months of soft opening that garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews from clients.

Founder Sean Peng waited for this special date to honor his father, Jinyou Peng, by reserving the ribbon-cutting ceremony for him. Sean has always viewed his father as a lifelong role model, making this moment deeply meaningful.

The event drew nearly 100 guests, including clients, family members, the Cloud 9 team, collaborating business partners, and distinguished guests such as Mayor Angela Birney, OneRedmond CEO Kristina Hudson, former Starbucks Global Vice President and President of Asia Pacific Jinlong Wang, and SDC founders Lily Pang and David Wang.

A Heartfelt Opening

Angela Black, a Cloud 9 veteran of 10 years who began as a receptionist and later became a manager and partner for Texas spas, opened the Grand Opening ceremony with touching remarks.

She said,

“I’d like to take a moment to describe what Cloud 9 is all about. It’s a family-friendly environment that thrives under amazing leadership. I want to express my deepest gratitude for the past 10 years of being under Sean’s guidance. Your leadership has been incredible, and it has profoundly shaped my journey with Cloud 9.”

Warm Community Support

Kristina Hudson, CEO of OneRedmond, also shared warm remarks:

“I know that our residents and business owners will enjoy and appreciate this addition to our community. Many people say that businesses coming to Redmond are changing the world. I believe that with Cloud 9, you’re changing the world one foot at a time.”

Sean Peng took the opportunity to share Cloud 9’s journey and his decision to establish the franchise headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

“Since Cloud 9 was established in 2010, we were quickly voted as the #1 Spa in Coastside cities seven years in a row and were endorsed by National Geographic travel book author Nathaniel Lande. We’ve expanded across three states in seven cities. Today, we’re excited to celebrate our seventh location, our first in Washington, and soon, our eighth in Dallas, Texas—marking the launch of our franchise operations. We’ve chosen Redmond as our hub for all future expansions.”

A Vision for the Future

Sean continued,

“Over the years, we’ve stayed focused on our mission to make Cloud 9 America’s premier family-friendly spa. We believe everyone deserves quality self-care. At Cloud 9, we’re more than just a spa—we’re a community that ties family together and builds a better tomorrow.”

Sean extended heartfelt thanks to his family, partners, incredible team, and new friends and clients in Redmond. “Our dream of building Cloud 9 into what it stands for today has been made possible because of their unwavering support. Our new clients in Redmond have embraced Cloud 9’s concept, and we have many local business partners collaborating with us. Thank you all for helping us build this flagship spa and set a new standard in the spa industry.”

Inspiring Words from Distinguished Guests

With great privilege, Sean introduced Mr. Jinlong Wang. “Under Mr. Wang’s stewardship, Starbucks turned into a global iconic presence, now boasting over 38,000 stores worldwide, with more than half located overseas. Mr. Wang’s unparalleled ability to elevate a local coffee shop to a global phenomenon is nothing short of miraculous.”

Mr. Wang shared,

“Sean and I actually only met a few times, but we clicked the first time we met. It felt like reconnecting with an old friend. Sean and I both firmly believe that whatever we do, be it business or leisure, we must strive for something bigger and better than ourselves. We have to be able to enable people, particularly young people, and enable them to make the impossible become possible.”

He continued, “So what impressed me the most about Sean is his passion, which is very, very important. His passion, his commitment, and his dedication to his people, to his business, and more importantly, as you’ve heard, to the community that he’s building around. We’re going to make it a better world.” In the end, he wished the Cloud 9 team “nothing but success, satisfaction, independence, and all the best.”

David, the SDC Chairman and Founder, shared his impression of Cloud 9 from firsthand experience:

“The attention to detail in this business is impressive, from the tiles and paintings to the ceiling colors. It’s amazing how this has come to life.”

His brother Edward, who has enjoyed massages all around the world, wants to come back every day. When asked to rate Cloud 9, he gave it a 9 out of 10, saying, “I didn’t want it to seem fake since I’m close to Sean.”

Community Support and Celebrations

The Cloud 9 team felt blessed to have Mayor Angela Birney’s support. She said,

“I’m just so impressed by your desire to bring high standards to our community and make it family-friendly. As you can see by the crowd here today, you are so well supported, and I wish you all the best success in this business and our community.”

Mayor Birney noted that businesses like Cloud 9 make Redmond a wonderful place to live, complementing both the big and small companies that make it a complete home for everyone.

A Special Family Moment

July 1 also marked Sean Peng’s parents’ 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. The crowd burst into cheers when Sean shared this special moment. Recalling his early childhood years, Sean shared how his parents raised the family in the harshest environment, waking up in the coldest winter with their clothes frozen in ice. His father had to heat them by the stove before they could put them on. Through intelligence and dedication, his father rose from being a farmer, tanner, teacher, and later an accountant, mayor, and the president of a major bank, leading over 30,000 team members to achieve milestone after milestone.

Jinyou Peng, touched by the support of the local community, said,

“As a father, I hope that my son will be dedicated, hardworking, and determined in his journey. Lead your team, adhere to the principle of putting customers first and providing high-quality service. At the same time, continuously expand and develop yourself, making your own contribution to the local economic development. Support your local area’s thriving industries, economic prosperity, and happy residents.”

A Joyous Conclusion

Mayor Birney led the guests in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The Cloud 9 team gave out abundant gifts to the guests through raffles. Guests couldn’t stop smiling, filled with joy celebrating wellness, the essence of family, Cloud 9’s expansion, and the special golden wedding anniversary. “It’s good fortune,” said one guest, with sparkles in his eyes.

Cloud 9’s Redmond spa marks its expansion nationwide after a decade of perfecting their system in California and Texas. Soon, its eighth location, the first franchise, will open in Dallas, Texas. The team looks forward to working with more talents to bring Cloud 9 to all the metropolitan areas of America, making affordable quality massages available to every family.