We are starting a new program “Featured Member of Cloud 9” as a way to thank our loyal customers and let us know each other to build a better community.

Selected Featured Member will receive two months of Special Pricing: $20/Hr foot massage and $40/Hr body massage.

This week, our Featured Member is Mr. Russell Bissonnette.  Mr. Bissonnette, a resident of Half Moon Bay, is a professional Santa Claus for over 30 years.  Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook kneeled next to him taking the Santa photo.  He is also the District Service Officer for American Legion District 26.

When asked how he like our service and how Cloud 9 benefits him, he said:

I always come to Cloud 9 when I feel terrible.  I had 3 back surgeries.  I used to go to high end massage places, but this is better.  Cloud 9 is like my drug.  I am addicted to it already.  I know when I walk out of here each time I will be a lot better physically and mentally.

Here is some sites we found about Mr. Bissonnette:

Calvert Photography Gallery

Half Moon Bay Man Finds a New Way to Play Santa 

Congratulations Russell and we are glad to have you as our loyal customer.