We have been opened for about two months, and we have learned a lot about our therapists.  There are so many lovely stories about them.  Today we are telling a Hollywood Story of our amazing therapist, Jack Feng.  Jack is a very hardworking, talented and humble therapist.  He is always very professional when serving his customers and fast to take action whenever we need him.  We discover amazing things about him on a weekly basis.

How long have you been practicing Martial Arts? What is your teacher’s style and your thoughts on Martial Arts.

I started Martial Arts since I was 13 years old.  I formally got trained by my Master when I was 17 years old.  I mainly studied mixed martial arts.  My teacher’s style is very outspoken and straight forward.  He can break a brick with his palm in one try.  Practicing martial arts can strengthen a person’s will, self dependence, and help you become a perfectionist.

I heard you also do painting.  How did you start it?  What is your painting style?  Any awards?

Painting is my hobby.  I started when I was in elementary school.  I like to paint landscape and flowers.  When I worked for Hankook Tire in Korea, I won the 1st place mural painting in a company wide competition.


When we saw your body building photo, we were surprised.  How did you start body building? Is it easy to do body building? Do you have any advice for us?

I like to workout and to body build.  I admire Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  During my three years of working in South Korea, I got to know a Korean bodybuilder and we became friends.  I learned a lot from him.  Bodybuilding is not difficult if you can keep working on it over time.

My advice for everyone is: anyone can do bodybuilding;  However, you need to do it according to your own body condition.  Do not go to the extreme.  As long as you can keep working on it, you will succeed.

You are a very family oriented man.  Please share with us your family.  What plan or dream do you have in America?

I have a beautiful wife and two smart daughters.  My wife works at a pharmaceutical company in China. My eldest daughter is in high school and my younger daughter is in elementary school.  My eldest daughter had won 1st place in English and writing, and 3rd place in Olympic Math nation wide while she was in elementary school.  She also won the 3rd place in the national green concept painting competition.

My dream in America is to make enough money so I can support both my daughters’ study as their dream is to go to Harvard University.

I heard your foot massage style is different.  What is unique about it?

My foot massage is based on real Chinese medicine therapy.  I focus on pressure points and stimulating the reflex area, to achieve the effect of regulating channels, relieving pain and delaying the aging process.

How do you feel working at Cloud 9?

I truly believe in the Cloud 9 concept.  I am very happy to work here and I want to help build a strong brand.