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Blake M.

I have been going to Cloud 9 for many years now. I have never had a bad massage here and have had many different therapists. I usually do the 60-90 minute Swedish massage (prenatal when I'm pregnant) but have also done one of the foot massages which I really enjoyed.

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Erica Vinson

First visit of many for me! I booked the 60 minute foot massage (which includes 20 mins of body work) and left feeling better than ever! My masseuse Jack was incredible and made sure I was comfortable from start to finish.

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Stacia J

Cindy is amazing! I prefer deep tissue massage (emphasis on deep) and she does not disappoint. I have been meaning to get back to regular massages and have finally done that. She gets deep into the muscles and works out all the knots and kinks. When I leave, I can definitely feel the difference.

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Joanna Morenita

I highly recommend Cloud9 Foot Spa Sugarland, everything was perfect the Swedish full body & foot massage was just what I needed!!!

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Henna Khan

Great place for a massage. Came in pain, leaving feeling very relaxed. Nice clean facility. Will be sending others and here and coming back myself.

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Paul Wen

The place is very nice and quiet. I’m new to this place. I will stay with them. Already booked my next appointment. Eva did a great job. I am very relaxed and happy with the massage.

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Justine H.

This place is an absolute GEM. The facilities are spotless, the ambiance is very relaxing, booking an appointment is super convenient, prices are fair, and they have a team of highly talented massage therapists. Cloud 9 is my #1 spot for healing, rest, and relaxation.

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Lindsey B

I've never done reflexology before. And this experience was very relaxing and rejuvenating. The staff was friendly. The establishment is clean. Ruby took very good care of me. I did this with my husband definitely a 10/10!

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Kelli Burroughs

I have been searching for a new place for my massages. Well I have found it!!! Cloud 9 provides consistent, excellent service. I love the combo massage that includes 40 min foot massage and 40 min deep tissue massage. The facility is very relaxing and conveniently located! This is my new favorite place!

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Michael Powell

"This place is the best kept secret in Sugar Land for massages. It's a great value (pricing, ambience, and service), and there are many service offerings. So far I've only done the 90 minute Swedish, but I'm planning to try the deep tissue and maybe the Thai."

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Why Cloud 9

Award Winning

#1 Coastside Spa by Half Moon Bay Review. Endorsed by Nathaniel Lande, author of the “Ten Best of Everything” travel book of National Geographic.

Signature Foot Massage

Signature foot massage includes 40 minutes on the feet and 20 minutes on the body. It’s so relaxing that you will fall into sleep in no time.

Family Friendly

Our space design has family in mind.  A signature foot massage is perfect for a family get together in our beautiful communal room.

No Memberships

We do not lock you in with an membership. Memberships are all pretty expensive and cubersome, right? Cloud 9 is accessible to everyone – a new spa concept.

Consistent Quality

Checkout 4,000+ client testimonials among our locations. You will see how consistently we make our clients happy, and they keep returning.

Affordable Service

Compare our price with market. Every family will save a ton while maintaining their well-beings. It’s affordable self-care that every family deserves.

Our Services

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, uses deep pressure and slow, intense strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle tissue. This massage is ideal for people who have chronic muscle pain, soreness, or tension. Deep tissue massage can help break up scar tissue, release knots, and relieve pain.

Facial Massage

A facial is a noninvasive skin treatment that includes cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and other elements that are customized to your specific skin type and needs. They’re intended to address your skin concerns and promote overall skin health.

Foot Massage

Reflexology is a powerful complementary medicine therapy that is based upon the principle that there are reflex areas in both the feet and hands that correspond to all the glands, organs, and parts of the body. It is used to relieve a range of stress-related disorders.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common and widely used form of massage therapy. It involves long, flowing strokes, kneading, and circular movements on the topmost layers of muscles. The aim of Swedish massage is to promote relaxation, reduce tension, increase blood flow, and improve overall wellbeing.

Pricing List


Foot Massage

30 minutes $35

60 minutes $50

90 minutes $70


Swedish Massage

30 minutes $45

60 minutes $65

90 minutes $95

120 minutes $120


Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes $50

60 minutes $75

90 minutes $105

120 minutes $140


Combo Massage

40 + 40 (Swedish) minutes $75

40 + 40 (Deep Tissue) minutes $80

30 + 30 (Chair) minutes $60

About This Location

Cloud 9 Foot Spa Houston marked our pivotal state expansion into Texas in February of 2014 after we established 3 spas in California. At the time, founder Sean Peng resided in San Francisco and had received a critical call urging him to search for an immediate flight to Houston. A miracle happened, he found a round trip ticket from SFO to IAH for a mere $5! In a stroke of luck, Sean had discovered the ideal space known today as our thriving Medical Center location where we serve healthcare workers and local families and set a gold standard as a family-friendly spa in Houston.

Special Offers

New Friends Deals

Whenever a returning client brings in a new client with them, you both get $5 off! Mention code: "NFD" to qualify.

Weekly Cash Special

Monday - Thursday the 40 Foot/40 Body Combo and all Body Massages 1 Hour+ are always $5 off when you pay in cash.

Write a Review

Write a review on Yelp, Google, or Facebook and show it at check out to get 10% off! Offers not combinable.

Prepaid Packages

Best value and can be shared with friends and family! Good for 2 years.
10 Pack 1 Hour Foot
$450 ($45 each)
10 Pack 1 Hour Swedish
$600 ($60 each)
10 Pack 1 Hour Deep Tissue
$700 ($70 each)

Reconnecting with The Whitener Family

A Decade of Wellness at Cloud 9 As we celebrate a decade of unwavering support from our loyal clients, we are thrilled to revisit the journey of the Whitener family. Their commitment to family, health and wellness has been an integral part of our spa’s story. Kim, her husband Jim, and their son Nick have […]

What is Cupping?

Cupping is a safe, ancient form of alternative medicine that helps relieve pain and muscular tension via local suction using glass, ceramic, bamboo, or plastic cups. A rubber pump or flame can be used to induce suction onto the skin. Rubber pumps have a suction mechanism that eliminates the need to apply heat to the […]

Swedish VS Deep Tissue

Although Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage can have some similar techniques, they differ in the amount of pressure that is applied and their intended purpose. Swedish massage helps promote circulation and relax the surface muscles, using light to medium, or even firm pressure. Deep tissue massage is very firm and works the deeper layers of […]

Why muscles get tense

Muscle tension is a common and wide spread issue that almost every person will experience throughout their life. It typically occurs after hard physical activity such as lifting weights or running. However, it isn’t uncommon to also experience it due to dehydration or after long periods of inactivity. Muscles are found all over the body. […]

How we keep Cloud 9 Safe and Clean

The Cloud 9 family is happy and excited to welcome you back into our spa. Being in the wellness industry we are no strangers to having high standards of sanitation. But given the current state of the world, we have taken extra precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We need your help, […]

Patti Heimlich, an inspiring ray of love and kindness

Here at Cloud 9, we appreciate and value every single one of our kind and supportive customers. Today, we are featuring one of our first clients, Patti Hemlich. She has been a customer at Cloud 9 since we first opened back in 2014! Patti is a native Texan and has been a Houston resident for the […]

Wayne’s Story

Since opening our spa in 2014, we have been blessed to be able to retain many of our best therapists from the beginning. Currently, our longest residing therapist is Wayne, who joined us in February of 2014. That’s nearly 4 years now! Over the course of the years, Wayne has been an exceptional member of […]

Introducing Dance Sensation, Natasha Mao

We always have interesting and exciting customers at Cloud 9 Foot Spa, and our customer Natasha Mao is no exception! Natasha has been our customer for the past 6 months and we have been lucky enough to get to know her. Natasha has been been dancing salsa for the past 6 years and has been […]

A Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Our customer Gwen Eager has been coming to Cloud 9 Foot Spa for half a year now and gets foot massages weekly. We are so happy for Gwen because this has been a very exciting year for her. She got engaged in January, was married in April, and is now expecting her first child! Gwen […]

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America's Family Friendly Neighborhood Spa

If you like to collaborate with Cloud 9 for your family and employees, please feel free to contact us to set up special programs.

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  • Address: 2511 W Holcombe Blvd, Suite B
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Phone: 713-730-9999
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    Monday - Sunday10:00 am - 9:00 pm

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