Since opening our spa in 2014, we have been blessed to be able to retain many of our best therapists from the beginning. Currently, our longest residing therapist is Wayne, who joined us in February of 2014. That’s nearly 4 years now! Over the course of the years, Wayne has been an exceptional member of our team. Today, we want to introduce his story.

Wayne came from humble beginnings. Like many foreigners, without speaking any english, he arrived to the U.S from China in the 1980’s in hopes to find a better life for his family. Wayne described moving to the U.S during those times as extremely difficult due to China’s political issues at the time. He stated that it was much easier to tell others that he was from Hong Kong than to admit that he was from Mainland China.

Wayne began to attend school to learn english and explore his interest in computer studies. Since residing in the U.S for over 30 years now, he worked various occupations including working as a butcher, a computer technician, and even a small sandwich shop business owner. These were all occupations he had enjoyed, but he had still longed for something more. Perhaps, something more meaningful.

As the years had gone by, Wayne had watched his mothers health begin to deteriate as she began suffering from chronic leg cramps. As he researched ways to help his mother, he discovered the holistic health benefits of massage therapy. Through helping his mother, Wayne found that he really enjoyed helping others. This is when Wayne had the idea to explore massage therapy as an occupation.

In 2013 Wayne began the process of becoming a licensed massaged therapist. Around the same time, he started working as a physical therapy assistant. It has now been about 5 years since Wayne has been promoting health and wellness and helping thousands of people relieve stress and pain.


Today, Wayne says he is now able to settle down and enjoy time with his family and reap the benefits of his hard work over the years. When we asked Wayne what he likes to do on his free time, he stated:

“I like to travel. I enjoy going to different countries when I can. But I make it a point to travel to different states within the U.S at least once a year. I enjoy the arts. Especially paintings, photography, and history and I love to explore these elements when I travel.”

Wayne’s most recent trip was to Yellow Stone, Utah earlier this year in May. He was also in Northern Canada in the fall of 2016. 

Wayne first discovered us through a newspaper AD. We asked him what he thought about Cloud 9 and he said:

“I am lucky to have found Cloud 9. I really enjoy working here. I like Cloud 9 because it is a nice place. It has good management, good co-workers, and most importantly the best clients.”

Even before having an interest in physical therapy and massage, Wayne has always been health conscious. When asked what his #1 tip was for leading a healthy lifestyle he stated

“Keep moving, keep learning, and always keep a happy mood. Go out and enjoy the world!”

We are so happy to have Wayne here at Cloud 9 Foot Spa Houston. He always has so many stories to tell and experiences to share. We wish him the best and will always look forward to hearing about his future endeavors. Currently, Wayne works part time as a physical therapist assistant and Massage Therapist. You can find Wayne here at Cloud 9 Foot Spa Houston on the Weekends.

By: Angela