Cloud 9 Foot Spa Houston has recently acquired Massage Remedy in Sugar Land.

Cloud 9 Foot Spa, established in 2012 in Half Moon Bay, California is one of the most well-known family friendly spas in the San Francisco Bay area. They offer quality foot and body massages at an affordable price. The local residents and visitors love Cloud 9 for its high end ambiance, customer service and massage quality. Cloud 9 was featured and endorsed by the “Ten Best of Everything” travel book, and has been voted as the #1 Spa of San Francisco Coastside for 7 consecutive years, overtaking the Ritz Carlton Resort Spa. Cloud 9 later expanded in 2014 with one location in the Houston Medical Center, and again in 2019 in Pearland, Texas.

Massage Remedy was founded in 2018 by Nina Wang, a successful business entrepreneur and investor from Dalian, China. When Nina came to the United States in 2011, she discovered a love for Massage Therapy and saw a great need for quality massages in the US market. To prepare her massage business, she not only went to massage school and learned it first hand, but she continues to seek out continued education each year. Nina has enrolled in more than a dozen different programs to enrich her massage techniques. She has truly become a Master of her craft. It’s this kind of dedication and pursuit of perfection that earned her business a 4.9 star rating for the past few years. With the bigger picture in mind, Ms. Wang is pleased to partner up with Cloud 9 to continue Massage Remedy’s tradition of Quality First. She said “I am very excited to work with Cloud 9. With great reputation and proven success track record, they will take our spa to the next level”. Nina will continue to help train therapists and ensure the consistent high quality that Massage Remedy is known for.

Sean Peng, the founder of Cloud 9, expressed his appraise of the Massage Remedy founder Nina Wang, and says “She is exactly the right kind of partner that we are looking for as we look to expand Cloud 9, it’s all about quality and great reputation”. Angela Black, who joined Cloud 9 in 2014 as a receptionist, then Manager, has been made as official partner in 2021. She says “We are very excited to bring the Cloud 9 concept to Sugar Land, one of the top ten cities to live in the United States! We are so proud to say that over the years, we’ve retained many of the industry’s best massage therapists, and we are confident that we will build a great team in Sugar Land”. She is keen to further expand Cloud 9 throughout Texas, and has recently promoted her long time colleague Scarlett Arguello as Assistant Manager to help drive this mission.

Scarlett Arguello has been a team member of Cloud 9 since 2015. A native Houstonian, loving wife, and mom of two boys (and two cats!), Scarlett has continuously exemplified what it means to have a customer-first approach and has helped drive Cloud 9’s mission to reality.

Angela says, “Cloud 9 could not be where it is today without Scarlett. Her kindness, professionalism, and strong work ethic is truly impressive. Having a reliable colleague is truly invaluable and I cannot thank her enough! Scarlett has already helped train many of our receptionists in Houston and Pearland, an important task as we highly stress the importance of great customer service and a friendly face! We are excited to officially promote Scarlett as Assistant Manager“. Scarlett say, “I’ve enjoyed helping and working with the front desk team for many years, I can’t wait to take this next step in my career and further help the Cloud 9 team improve and grow in the future!”

The Cloud 9 team will bring it’s signature foot reflexology massage and expert customer service care to Cloud 9 Foot Spa Sugar Land. They will soon re-brand and update the management system to boost the capabilities of providing the same high quality and family friendly service to all Sugar Land residents.

Contact: Angela Black