"I had six honest serving men - they taught me all I knew: Their names were Where and What and When-and Why and How and Who."

- Rudyard Kipling


01 As a new client, what should I know in advance?

02 Do you offer body massages?

03 How can I schedule an appointment?

04 How should I prepare for a foot massage?

05 How should I prepare for a body massage?

06 How should I choose between a foot vs body massage?

07 What is the difference between a Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage?

08 Is it okay to ask for more or less pressure?

09 Should I see a Massage Therapist regularly even if I’m not in pain?

10 Do you offer Prenatal Massages?

11 What if I am late to my appointment?

12 Will I get a full 60 minutes of massage when I book a 1 hour appointment?

13 What is your cancellation policy?

14 How can I get a gift card?

15 Can I use my gift cards at any of your locations?

16 Can I use my FSA/HSA card? Do you take insurance?

01 What businesses are you near?

02 Where do I park?

03 Is the intake form required?

04 We have a group, how many people can you accommodate at the same time?

05 Do you provide a change of clothes for the foot massage?