The Cloud 9 family is happy and excited to welcome you back into our spa. Being in the wellness industry we are no strangers to having high standards of sanitation. But given the current state of the world, we have taken extra precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We need your help, as our valued client to also take extra steps with us to ensure the safety of everyone.

Offering a safe environment begins with the Cloud 9 staff. Pre-shift wellness checks including screening questions and temperature checks will be completed before each staff members shift. If a staff member isn’t feeling well, they will be sent home guilt free, no questions asked. All our staff are required to wear a mask for the entirety of their shift and have been educated in proper sanitizing protocols.

We have added a minimum of 15 minutes between each client to ensure proper time to sanitize commonly touched surfaces in each room including: door handles, light switches, and surfaces. We are fully equipped with masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant, for our staffs and clients use. And most notably, we’ve invested in EPA Compliant UV-C Lights and H13 HEPA Filter Air Purifiers for each room to disinfect and clean the air.

EPA Compliant UV-C Lights &

Medical Grade HEPA Filter Air Purifiers

H13 True HEPA Filters are within the highest tier of HEPA and are considered medical grade quality. They able to capture 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 micron (Coronavirus is 0.125 micron) and can filter all rooms twice in one hour. EPA Complaint UVC lights use 100 watts of anti-microbial UV-C light power to effectively kill surface and air micro-organisms.

At the time of your booking you will receive an email including a COVID-19 screening waiver. We ask that you respond to it promptly, to confirm your appointment. Without your response, you will not be able to reserve your service.

One of our priorities is to prevent you from coming into contact with anyone other than your therapist. Therefore, we are staggering appointment times and ask that you arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment. Please remain in your vehicle and once in the parking lot, text us that you have arrived and wait for us to give you the O.K to come in. Please walk in already wearing a mask.

At the front desk you will notice we have installed sneeze guards for the benefit of both you and the receptionist. Your check in will begin with a mandatory temperature check and you will be asked to sanitize or wash your hands.

Keeping your mask on during your service is mandatory. However, if you must, you may only remove your mask when you are laying face down in the prone position. During your session, after you have turned over and are already laying face down, you may remove your mask and tuck it under the towel of your head rest. Please re-wear your mask before turning over or getting up.

Foot Massage Practice

When you walk into our wave room, you will notice every other massage chair will be unused to allow 6 feet between guests. Your therapist will first sanitize the face cradle at the beginning of your session with medical grade disinfectant. During this time, we will not provide face/scalp massage. At the end of your session, your therapist will sanitize the whole chair. For our large wave room, a H13 HEPA Air Filter will remain on and a UVC Sanitizing Light will be used twice a day, once after the morning shift and once after the night shift.

Body Massage Practice

Due to your starting prone position, the face cradle has already been sanitized with medical grade disinfectant prior to your arrival. During this temporary time, your therapist will not provide face and scalp massage and may avoid certain skin to skin contact techniques. At each individual therapists discretion, they may or may not use lotion or oil and opt for a dry massage technique. For our individual body rooms, a H13 HEPA Air Filter will remain on and a UVC Sanitizing Light will be used after each session.

Don’t forget! Your therapist still prefers a cash tip. After check out, please sanitize or wash your hands again before leaving. The Front Desk will be cleaning after each client and sanitizing all commonly touched areas such as surfaces, door handles, and restrooms etc after at both check in and check out.

We thank you for your kind cooperation to maintain the safety of everyone. We are ecstatic to be back and to be able to again provide our local West U. Community an affordable and high quality massage spa experience. We will continue to stay up to date on the newest covid-19 news and newest protocols to ensure your safety.

We want you to feel safe when visiting us here at Cloud 9. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you in soon!


The Houston Cloud 9 Team